How To Do A Wood Floor Installation

Wood floor installation isn’t as hard as you may think. Provided you take time to read and follow all directions, you will undoubtedly be able to install flooring of any type in just a short time. Install flooring can be compared to completing a gigantic jigsaw puzzle but much, much easier. The trick to wood floor installation to to get started at one selected side of the room and lay one piece at a time working towards finishing the whole puzzle.

Basic Flooring Installation

There are some tools that would be required for a floor install. First and foremost you will need a carpenter’s pencil and square, a tape measure, a utility knife, a circular saw, a wedge, a pry bar, a hammer , a fan and a vacuum. Don’t forget to get yourself some ear and eye protection too.

Now it’s time to get the flooring you have chosen. If you have opted to use a lock together flooring of laminate, using glue is completely unnecessary. Keep in mind a floor that glues down is much harder to install.

Tips for Installing Wood Floors

These few tips are guaranteed to make it simpler for you to undertake a floor installation.

1. Be sure the floor is level before getting started. A rough base will eventually become a shaky flooring. A slope that is gentle it is not much of a problem but the floor is likely to warp if there are several spots that are low.

2. The first thing you have to do is to cut the flooring at the ends of almost all rows. You will also need to make cuts at door frames. See to it that the blade of your saw is honed so that the flooring is protected from chipping.

3. Use a piece of cardboard for outlining the complex cuts, similar to those encountered in door frames. Making complex cuts is always easier with the help of a template. When you use a template you will see that you do not have to get some more flooring on account of a slip up.

4. Don’t forget to allow for those final few pieces of flooring installation. It may be better to measure and remeasure so that you can confirm whether or not all the pieces fit just right.

It is recommended that you take all the time you need when you install floors. Rushing through the installing will almost definitely result in an error in the floor install.

Should You Use a Professional for the Flooring Installation?

Not always. If you do not feel you are proficient enough to install floors, it may be best to have a professional to do the job for you. While it does mean additional expenses for installing your flooring, when you hire a skilled hand you will forestall the many problems that could arise.

Wood Flooring Imparts an Atmosphere of Warmth & Coziness

Wood flooring is the best way to enhance a home’s worth. Flooring made of wood is preferred nowadays and it is also easier to keep clean. Wood flooring is also very appropriate in those homes where many members have a tendency to get allergies. If you are considering this product for your home or office, do not be frightened by the floor install process. It is easier than you think.